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Extensive Experience Dedicated To You

When you need strong legal representation, you need experienced Florida lawyers who are dedicated not only to your case, but also to you. If you are pursuing a fair payout or involved in a complex matrimonial matter, it is not enough to just “win the case.”

Any lawyer can earn you a settlement or finalize a divorce, but at Doran Sims Wolfe & Yoon, we vigorously pursue the best possible outcome for you and your case. We work hard to ensure you’re positioned to move forward with confidence, stability and financial security. We are a local law firm that’s truly dedicated to serving you.

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We Prioritize Your Best Interests

You want to be sure your lawyer can fight for your personal needs. In family law cases, you may be looking for help through a whole divorce or just a part of it such as custody, child support/alimony or property division. We know that there is a delicate balance between protecting your needs and doing what is right for any children involved. We believe that you cannot treat each client the same, because they all have different needs. It is important to know what each client needs before pursuing their case.

We Are Here For You

Even with an attorney, clients can often feel like they are still facing their problems on their own. With us, you will not have that problem. Our lawyers have over 140 years of combined experience that we can put to work for you, whether your situation involves family law, wills, estate planning and probate.

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