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Another January, another peak time for marriage dissolution

When January rolls around, most people start thinking about making changes in their lives. Florida residents and others across the country may be doing a thorough self-assessment to determine what needs to change in order to live happier and healthier. For some, that may mean filing for marriage dissolution.

The beginning of a new year is consistently a popular time to file for divorce. The stress of the holiday season can often highlight issues in relationships, and after the obligatory family time is over, many people feel ready to move forward and no longer have to face those issues. As a result, they see the new year as a time to have a fresh start and live their lives as they desire.

Some people may also choose January to file for divorce for financial purposes. If individuals believe that they may get a significant financial bonus later in the year, they may want to end their marriage before that bonus could become marital property. If it is not considered marital property, it will not be subjected to property division proceedings.

Thinking about marriage dissolution with financial strategies in mind may be particularly useful to individuals likely to experience a high-asset divorce. These types of cases can be complicated, and many Florida residents choosing to end their marriages will likely want to protect their assets during this time as much as possible. In order to find the best strategies for their particular cases, concerned individuals may want to discuss their specific details with knowledgeable family law attorneys.