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Did your homeowners insurance claim not go as you had hoped?

Having homeowners insurance is often a requirement of homeownership. Of course, even if it was not a requirement, you would likely still have this type of insurance to bring some peace of mind that you would have financial support in the event of a serious problem arising with your property. After all, insurance can often help mitigate the costs of home repairs and other expenses after a serious event.

Until recently, you may not have ever had to file a claim with your homeowners insurance company. Unfortunately, your home suffered damage in some way, and now, you need your insurance company’s help. When you filed your claim, you may have anticipated prompt service and the financial help you needed. What you received, though, was much less than you bargained for.

insurance disputes

Regrettably, not all insurance companies act in the best interests of their policyholders. In fact, some companies may deny claims altogether or offer payouts that are much lower than appropriate. If this has happened to you, you likely feel out of sorts. Before you accept the denial or low payout, you may want to remember that you could dispute the issue.

You may want to start by contacting your insurance company. In some cases, bringing an issue to the attention of the company can result in a further review and a remedy to the issue. You may want to provide additional evidence of damage, such as photographs, repair estimates and any other information that you think could bolster your claim. This action may be enough for an appraiser to spot an estimate error and correct the issue.

Additional action

If the insurance company still will not budge, you could have an outside party conduct an appraisal. This action would give you a better idea as to whether the insurance company’s payout was fair or a lowball offer. If a second opinion makes you believe that the insurance company did not act appropriately, you may need to consider your legal options.

Filing a claim against your insurance company may allow you to fight for the proper payout that you deserve. It could also prevent wrongdoing on their part in the future. If you have concerns about an insurance dispute, you may want to discuss your circumstances with a Florida attorney experienced in this area of law.