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Florida doctors may worry about high-asset divorce

Medical professionals in Florida have busy schedules and difficult days. Of course, they often receive a nice income to account for the difficulties they face on the job and the importance of their positions as a whole. As a downside, this also means that if a marriage does not work out, doctors may have to go through a high-asset divorce.

When it comes to starting the divorce process, typically, one party will file a petition for dissolution of marriage with the court and include information about how he or she believes certain divorce matters should be handled. After the petition is filed with the court, the other spouse will be served the papers and given the chance to respond. Generally, the summoned spouse will have 30 days to respond.

After the responses have been made, a discovery period will take place, during which information will be collected that could act as evidence as to why a certain party’s wishes or objections have merit. This step of the process can also determine the value of the marital estate and whether a person has the financial ability to pay child or spousal support. Information regarding assets and income will likely come about during this time, and medical professionals may feel as if they will end up in a difficult spot due to earning more.

Each marital dissolution is different, and medical professionals facing high-asset divorce in Florida do not have to feel out of luck. Though they may earn more than their spouses, they still have every right to their fair share of marital assets. Individuals concerned about how their proceedings will go may want to consult with knowledgeable attorneys about their options.