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Will homeowners insurance cover a mold problem?

Insurance coverage can sometimes seem like a blessing and a curse. Many Florida residents appreciate the idea of having homeowners insurance in case something causes damage to their home, but it can be frustrating to deal with an insurance company that denies a claim that the policyholder considers valid. For example, making a claim regarding mold in a home can be a tricky issue.

The possibility exists that an insurance company will cover mold remediation, but it is also possible that the claim will be denied. In many cases, if the mold resulted after a storm caused damage to the property that, in turn, allowed water into the home, it is likely that an insurance policy will cover this type of problem. It is also possible that mold issues could be handled under insurance if they resulted after the home caught fire and the fire department had to hose down the property.

On the less helpful side, the insurance company could deny your claim if they believe that the mold resulted from poor home maintenance. One example would be having a leaky pipe that went unfixed for a considerable amount of time and eventually caused mold. Of course, it is possible that an insurance company could claim that the issue stemmed from poor maintenance when that is not the case.

When it comes to making a homeowners insurance claim, the process can be a headache. Many people think that their insurance company is on their side, but the companies are also looking out for their bottom line. As a result, Florida residents who need to make such a claim may want to obtain the help of an experienced attorney who can act as an advocate for the claimant throughout the process.