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Fully understand a policy before making an insurance claim

Because buying a home is such a major purchase, most Florida residents hope that nothing will happen to theirs. Of course, natural disasters, freak accidents and many other occurrences could result in damage to or loss of a property. As a result, most homeowners have insurance as some protection should an unfortunate event occur. Even still, an insurance claim may not always work out as expected.

It is possible for an insurance company to deny a claim or offer a lower payout than anticipated. This could occur if a person did not fully understand his or her policy, which is why it is wise to go over the details of a policy thoroughly. Homeowners may want to explore their policies to determine whether any exclusions apply to their coverage. Citing an exclusion is a common way for insurance companies to deny claims.

It is also important to check the type of damages and causes of damage that a policy covers. Some insurance policies require additional coverage for flood or high wind damage. As a result, if these issues damage a person’s home but he or she did not have this specific coverage, a claim could be denied.

Even if Florida residents understand their policies and make an insurance claim, they could still face a denial or low payout. In some cases, this could be because the insurance company is acting in bad faith and unjustly denying a claim. Fortunately, individuals who believe they are dealing with this type of ordeal can contact attorneys experienced with this type of case for assistance.