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Losing one’s job may mean modifying spousal support

Having to pay alimony after getting a divorce is not something many people find enjoyable. It can seem like a continued insult to have to provide spousal support to someone who is no longer a spouse. Nonetheless, Florida residents who have this obligation must ensure that they make those payments as ordered or pursue a modification as soon as possible if they face a negative financial ordeal.

When it comes to financial issues, losing one’s job is one of the biggest setbacks a person could face. These days, that may be a reality that numerous unsuspecting people face. When parties who pay alimony lose their jobs, they need to inform their ex-spouse what has happened. Making the issue known as soon as possible could help all parties prepare for the fact that less income is a possibility.

In addition to making the issue known to an ex-spouse right away, it is also wise to make the court aware. Requesting a modification to alimony payments is not always easy, and it can take time for the court to review and, hopefully, approve the request. It is typically better to begin the process as soon as practicable, even if income has not taken a dramatic dip yet, because by the time to the process is complete, finances may be tight.

It may also be possible for some Florida residents to work with their exes to come to temporary spousal support modifications. However, even these agreements need to be legally binding, so it is wise for parties to utilize the help of their legal counsel to come to terms. The attorneys involved can create legally-binding documents for direct agreements between spouses, help with applications for modifications through the court and much more.