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Are monthly payments the only spousal support payment option?

As the court works to finalize marriage dissolution cases, most Florida residents facing this process look forward to having the entire process over with. Whether a divorce came as the result of a contentious relationship or both parties amicably felt the need to end the marriage, many individuals look forward to starting the new chapter of their life. However, the end of a marriage can mean the beginning of spousal support payments for some.

Numerous people have mixed feelings about alimony. If they still have some affection for a former spouse, they may understand providing a helping hand for a time. On the other hand, if the marriage ended with contempt and resentment, providing support can be a major thorn in one’s side. In the latter cases, parties undoubtedly want to get their payments over with as soon as possible, which may mean that they want to avoid monthly payments.

In some cases, those paying alimony may be able to make a lump sum payment rather than having their financial obligation stretch out for years as they pay each month. Of course, the circumstances and terms of the support order will determine whether this is an option. Going this route will likely also require the approval of the court and the person receiving the support payments.

Exploring the various ways in which a person could pay spousal support may help them find the most acceptable option. As mentioned, this type of situation can depend on the approval of the court and the other party involved, but exploring a lump sum payment may be worthwhile for some. Discussing this option and other ways to keep alimony payments manageable with their legal counsel may help interested Florida residents.