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Social media posts could be evidence in complex divorce

These days, almost everyone has at least one social media account. It is not uncommon for people to have accounts across multiple platforms or to even have multiple accounts within the same social media site. While these accounts could be used for personal or business-related matters, it is important that social media use is kept to a minimum when going through a complex divorce.

Many Florida residents may go to social media to check in with friends or to vent and quickly receive feedback from multiple people. However, during a divorce, it is possible for social media posts to play a role in the case, often to be used against one party. For example, if a couple separates and one party uses social media to harass the other, those messages or posts could be used as evidence during the divorce case to show that the person is potentially dangerous or unfit to parent.

Social media posts could also expose activity that would be better left quiet during divorce, such as showing a person with several new or expensive purchases, which could point to hidden assets or an attempt to unfairly keep funds out of property division proceedings. Such evidence could have an effect on an individual’s negotiation attempts when trying to reach a particular outcome, especially related to financial matters like alimony or child support. Additionally, it is never wise to believe that any information on social media will remain quiet because accounts are set to private. Information can be easily exposed in various ways.

Though it can be tempting to seek solace and solidarity through social media during a complex divorce, it may be better to pursue support in other forms. It is also wise for Florida residents to refrain from posting anything untoward about a soon-to-be ex-spouse online. If individuals are concerned about how social media could play a part in their case, they may wish to discuss the subject with their legal counsel.