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A prenuptial agreement can benefit more than just the wealthy

Getting engaged is often one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. It often means that the time has come to consider caterers, guest lists, venues, dresses, registry lists, and, yes, a prenuptial agreement. The idea of creating such an agreement may seem unnecessary to some Florida residents, but this contract could come in handy to more people than many believe.

Commonly, individuals think that prenups are only necessary when one party is considerably wealthy and the other person is not. While this is certainly a good scenario in which to create a prenup, it is not the only one. Another situation in which it would be wise to create this type of agreement is if one person started a business before getting married. The prenup could prevent negative impacts to the business in the event of divorce.

Getting married for the first time at a later stage of life could also warrant this legal document. Often, people who choose this path in life wanted to first focus on their careers and on obtaining personal goals before getting married, which means they may have already accrued assets that they want to protect. A prenup could help those individuals ensure that their property remains separate.

Though it is common for people in Florida and across the country to balk at the idea of creating a prenuptial agreement, it should not be looked at as a negative step to take. Having the document only adds protection for the parties involved, and it does not mean that a couple is setting their marriage up to fail. If individuals are interested in gaining more information on how prenups can be useful to any couple, they may want to contact experienced family law attorneys.