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What to include in a child custody visitation agreement

For couples who are facing divorce in Florida, creating a joint custody parenting schedule is an important step to take. A schedule can help a child adjust to having divorced parents with less stress, and it can also help parents divvy up responsibilities so that the child’s best interests are addressed.

When it comes to developing a custody parenting schedule, parents should try to put themselves in their child’s shoes. Traveling back and forth between two homes may not be easy, especially when the child has to adjust to no longer living with both parents. Parents should make every effort to imagine what their child’s day-to-day life and schedule will be like to minimize disruptions as much as possible.

For parents who are sharing a generous amount of time with their child, considering the logistics of visitations is important. Parents should attempt to live within close enough proximity to make transportation as easy as possible for each other and the child. If a younger child is already accustomed to a babysitter or caregiver, parents should try to do everything in their power to allow that relationship to continue.

Parents should also take their child’s regular schedule into account when creating a joint custody parenting schedule. Seasonal activities, after-school programs and extracurricular activities should all be taken into account. For an older child, parents should consider getting the child’s input when developing a visitation schedule. The main goal is to prevent disruption from the child’s normal way of life as much as possible.

Navigating child support, time sharing and parental plans can be challenging when couples face divorce. An experienced family law attorney may be able to help parents reach an agreement that works for all parties.