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Are musicians more prone to divorce?

Residents of Florida know that music plays an important part of the lifestyle here. From nightclubs to favorite hotspots to concert halls, it’s often easy to meet and socialize with musicians. However, you might wonder whether these entertainers are more prone to divorce due to their lifestyle and the realities of the business. Here are some answers.

Divorce in general is more common

Divorce in general has become more common over the past several decades. Leading the professions in divorce statistics are such occupations as transportation and material moving, personal care, office and administrative support, and protective services.

The high divorce of musicians: myth or reality?

Musicians, including those with concert hall appearances, may be constantly traveling. Other factors may influence marital bliss, such as the following:

  • Odd hours
  • Financial pressures
  • Temptations that could affect marriage

Being a celebrity rather than just a local performer adds to the pressure. Statistics show, however, that musicians are not above average when it comes to divorce. This also applies to crew members who are on the road to provide technical services to performances.


Music Times states that the average divorce rate among musicians is 27.7%. The average divorce rate among art and entertainment workers is around 33%.

Many people in the music industry have lasting marriages

There are a number of celebrity rock musicians who have had long lasting marriages. Famous country-singer couples also have been together for many years. The fact that enduring marriages can happen in any profession is true, and they do happen within the music industry of celebrities as well as the less-known performers, singers and songwriters.

You may be one of the people in the music industry or another profession who is contemplating divorce. If a difficult split lies ahead, it may be time to consult an attorney versed in family law. An experienced professional may help with issues regarding child support, alimony and more.