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Possible change to Florida alimony laws

Alimony is awarded in some divorce cases in the state of Florida. This includes instances of what is known as permanent alimony. In a situation in which permanent alimony is awarded, a person ordered to make such payments must do so until the other party remarries or dies. Over the past decade, the Florida Legislature has considered a law designed to eliminate or significantly rein in permanent alimony.

Prior legislation to eliminate permanent alimony

Previous legislation to eliminate permanent alimony made its way through the legislature only to be vetoed by Governor Rick Scott. Governor Scott’s most recent veto was to a bill that would have made the elimination of permanent alimony retroactive to those cases in which this type of payment was ordered.

Most recent legislation to eliminate permanent alimony

Taking a cue from the governor’s veto, the legislature is considering a plan that would do away with permanent alimony but not be applied retroactively to cases previously settled. The prohibition against permanent alimony would apply to divorce cases pending at the time the legislation was signed into law.

There is no specific date on which the latest legislation regarding permanent alimony in Florida will pass out of the legislature. While there exists no guarantee that the bill will pass and end up on the governor’s desk, supporters of the measure maintain that the bill is likely to pass and become law.

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