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What are common divorce trends in the LGBTQ community?

Divorce is common for both straight and same-sex couples in the state of Florida. As same-sex marriage becomes legal in more countries around the world, statistics show that divorce rates are increasing. Understanding these increases can help you determine some trends that are happening in the LGBTQ community.

Why are divorce rates on the rise?

Look at any statistics from countries around the globe that now allow same-sex marriage, and you’ll see a rise in the past years in their divorce rates. When you take a closer look at the number of same-sex marriages that happen each year, it becomes very clear why the divorce rate is increasing: There are more same-sex marriages happening each year, so naturally, the divorce rate has steadily risen.

Which same-sex couples are most likely to get divorced?

While the higher divorce rate isn’t overly surprising after you take a look at the increase in the number of same-sex marriages that are happening each year, the types of couples getting divorced may surprise you. One UK study revealed that lesbian couples were three times more likely to undergo divorce than gay couples. While same-sex divorce has accounted for less than 1% of all divorces throughout England and Wales, it is surprising to see that female couples are much more likely to divorce than others.

Not all couples who get married end up maintaining their commitment. In the LGBTQ community, divorce rates are on the rise, and lesbian couples top the list for having the highest number of divorces. Only time will tell if this remains a long-term trend or not. Individuals who have questions about filing for divorce may want to reach out to a family law attorney.