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How do you co-parent as a team?

Even though you and your current spouse want to divorce, you must continue working together to raise your children. Your changing relationship could change your parenting style.

HelpGuide offers tips for co-parenting as a team. Learn how to set your differences aside to provide for your shared children.

Focus on consistency

Your children may need stability and consistency more than anything right now. Work together with the other parent to create guidelines for your children while they live in either household. You need not have the same rules in both houses, but it helps if you and your soon-to-be-ex agree on curfews, homework, screen time and forbidden activities.

How do you and the other parent want to discipline your children in your separate households? Consider carrying punishments between households. That means that even if your child did not lose screen time privileges in your household, you agree to honor the other parent’s disciplinary action. You can use the same principle when rewarding your child.

Agree on vital decisions

Children benefit when co-parents agree on important decisions. Even if only one parent takes a child to doctor’s appointments, the other parent should know how the appointment went. That way, you both know how to make well-informed medical decisions for your child. You and your current partner could talk about your children’s class schedules, extracurricular activities and where to send your children to school.

Do you and your ex have a budget for shared childrearing expenses? Creating a budget and keeping records could make it easier to support yourself and your children on a single income.

Co-parenting as a team may help your child more than you realize. Learn how to focus on your children’s needs to help them soar.