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How can you communicate with your co-parent?

While co-parenting is typically in the best interests of your children, it can be difficult to work alongside someone you have a complicated past with. Communication sometimes breaks down before the divorce and so following the breakup, you may not know how to have a civil conversation.

According to Today’s Parent, peaceful collaboration is healthier and can be attainable.

Stay Respectful and Stick to the Plan

Try to offer your former spouse respect in conversation. The two of you should have a professional relationship. When disagreements do occur, you can always revert back to the parenting plan. Try to stick as close to the parenting plan as possible. Make sure the two of you know what to do if one wants extra time with the children or has to cancel a visitation.

Do not try to keep children or their belongings in only one home. For example, if you buy your kids a new toy, let them take it to the other parent’s house too. This allows your children to understand both places as home and to have a sense of security.

Use Text and Electronic Communication

If you have difficulty speaking in person, you may want to try to have most conversations through email or text message. When communicating through text, you have the ability to think and process the conversation before you respond. You and your former partner are less likely to act impulsively or to start an argument. In addition, when you communicate electronically, you have receipts of everything said.

When it comes to co-parenting, staying on the same page is vital. Give your children a sense of security by remaining amicable.