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What should a divorce agreement contain in regards to children?

If you and your spouse wish to settle your divorce outside of court, your agreement must cover all the important aspects. This would include all details pertaining to your children.

FindLaw explains that you want to be sure to create a complete and detailed section pertaining to your children that covers all important points. Remember that while you can modify the agreement after your divorce is final, it is much easier to have things in order prior to that point.

Custody issues

One of the most important and complex matters to include in your divorce agreement is a section on child custody. You will want to spell out who has legal and physical custody. Detail visitation rights, including pickup and drop-off details. Do not forget to include information about the rights of other parties, such as grandparents, to have visitation with your children.

This section can become very important if you have stepchildren involved. The stepparent may wish to continue having a relationship, so you can outline visitation rights.

Support issues

Another important and often difficult matter is child support. Child support does not just include the regular payments of money to help with the typical expenses of raising a child. You also should think about other expenses. You may want to outline responsibility for college tuition, health care costs, child care, and other extra expenses.

Keep in mind that you probably will not be able to cover every single thing that will come up in the course of raising your children, but you should still have a good foundation that sets expectations and responsibilities.