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How effective is couples therapy?

If your marriage seems to have more bad in it than good, you may be ready to call it quits. Still, you have never been one to walk away from a difficult situation. Before serving your spouse with divorce papers, you might want to consider going to couples therapy.

According to Psychology Today, many types of couples counseling are only about 35% effective. This number may not give you much confidence in the therapy process. If you opt for emotionally focused therapy, though, you may have better odds of saving your marriage.

What is emotionally focused therapy?

Emotionally focused therapy helps each spouse understand why he or she behaves in certain ways. Often, a person’s actions stem from ingrained beliefs about the relationship or even himself or herself as a person. Then, this type of couples counseling helps both spouses develop new patterns of behavior that better align with these beliefs.

Moreover, with emotionally focused therapy, you and your spouse get to the root causes of your friction. This requires both uncovering why each of you perceives the world as you do and learning how to better communicate with each other.

How do you find an emotionally focused therapist?

Many emotionally focused therapists advertise as such. Therefore, you can probably search the internet for emotionally focused therapists in your community. If that is not fruitful, you may want to check with the American Psychological Association or an official licensing body for recommendations.

Even though you probably want to give couples therapy some time to work, you cannot wait forever for your marriage to improve. Ultimately, though, by giving therapy a try, you are likely to have more confidence in your decision to end your marriage.