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What can you include in a prenuptial agreement?

While the possibility of divorce may not go over well before the wedding, having this difficult conversation may benefit your relationship. If you and your future spouse want to protect yourselves, a prenuptial agreement may work.

A prenup is a blueprint for handling finances throughout your marriage. Even though the document intends to help you split things in a divorce, it may serve you well throughout the marriage. Learn more about what you can account for in a Florida prenuptial agreement.

What goes into a prenup?

A couple may want to craft an agreement about how to handle finances throughout the length of their marriage. A prenup can define what property you retain as an individual and what becomes a marital asset. In a prenup, you can determine what property and assets to divide between you and what you want to remain separate.

Can a prenup allocate alimony?

As part of the financial provisions of the prenup, you and your spouse can work out alimony. Specifically, you can agree that it will or will not become an issue during your divorce. Know that a judge may examine an alimony provision to ensure that it is fair given your lifestyle at the time of the separation.

What does a prenup not include?

A prenup can take care of a lot of high-conflict divorce issues. However, one that it cannot include is anything regarding children. You cannot account for future children, visitation, custody or child support in your prenup.

Instead of viewing a prenup as a precursor to a doomed relationship, reframe it under the context of an insurance policy. It helps to guide your actions in the unfortunate event of a divorce. It does not mean that separation is a foregone conclusion.