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How to fairly adjust parenting time when one parent moves away

It takes patience and a strong willingness to negotiate in order to arrive at a parenting plan that works for both you and your ex-spouse. If one parent decides to move a significant distance away, however, it can be even more difficult to arrange a new parenting time schedule to account for the relocation.

An individual’s desire to pursue new opportunities in a different state does not diminish their right to spend a reasonable amount of time with their child. By understanding how to find a fair compromise under these conditions, you and your co-parent can continue under an arrangement that is beneficial for each side as well as for the child you mutually care for.

Compromise on a functional schedule

Travel distance is the main factor to consider if you are building a schedule with a co-parent who is far away. Not only must you weigh how traveling will fit into your busy adult lives, but you also must think about how your child will feel being on the road when they might rather spend time with friends or participate in after-school activities. One way to compromise is by arranging for your child to spend prolonged periods with the non-custodial parent during certain holidays or vacations.

Be aware of parental relocation rights

When discussing a possible relocation, it is important to remain aware of a parent’s relocation rights. According to Florida statutes on parental relocation, neither parent can relocate with the child without receiving approval from the co-parent or the court.

Relocating is a delicate matter for individuals in a co-parenting relationship. Both parents must continue to uphold each party’s rights to have reasonable access to their child, regardless of distance.