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3 reasons to have a financial advisor on your divorce team

A Florida divorce is undoubtedly going to have an impact on your financial future. However, you have at least some degree of control over how much it does so. By carefully considering retirement and other aspects of your financial future while your divorce is ongoing, you may be able to minimize the damage your split causes you financially and give yourself your strongest chance at a successful financial future.

Per U.S. News and World Reports, many people working their way through divorces choose to hire divorce financial advisors to help them out. You may want to consider doing the same if any of the following are true.

1. You have assets of undetermined value

Many professionals who work as divorce financial advisors also know how to valuate assets. This may come in particularly handy if you have assets of undetermined value, such as artwork or heirloom jewelry.

2. You think your spouse is hiding assets

Unfortunately, it is common for one or both parties navigating divorce to attempt to hide assets from the other party. A financial advisor may be able to dive into your ex’s online communications to see if he or she is hiding something from you.

3. You need to set a budget

Divorce financial advisors are also helpful when it comes to helping you set a budget to live by once your divorce becomes final.

Once you remove your emotions from the equation, your divorce mostly involves figuring out how to split the assets and debts you and your ex share so that you may move forward with life without the other party. A divorce financial advisor’s job is to help you do exactly this.