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Different financial professionals who may help amid divorce

When your Florida marriage reaches its end, you may wonder what your financial future might look like without your spouse. Many financial aspects of your life change following a divorce, and your bank accounts, retirement accounts and tax filings may look quite a bit different moving forward. Because divorce has such a significant impact on finances, many people choose to enlist financial professionals to help them navigate their splits.

According to Kiplinger, many people rely on the following types of financial professionals while working their way through a divorce.

Business valuators

Dividing up business interests often gets messy. This may prove especially true if there is a disagreement over how much a business is worth. The business valuator’s role is to determine the true value of a business, which, in many cases, is one of the most valuable assets a married couple may have.

Certified financial planners

A certified financial planner helps you anticipate the financial ramifications of a divorce and reduce how much they impact you. While a certified financial planner helps you navigate the divorce, itself, this type of professional also focuses on the future. This might involve helping you figure out how to maximize retirement income. Many certified financial planners also have training in investments and risk management.

Certified public accountants

Certified public accountants help you anticipate how your divorce is going to affect your tax obligations. Some of them also work as forensic accountants and might be able to help you find hidden assets or income streams your spouse may attempt to conceal from you.

Other financial professionals you may decide to enlist during your divorce include certified divorce financial analysts and certified value builders.