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What are ways to minimize your alimony?

If you will end up paying support to your ex following your divorce, it is understandable to worry about your financial future. Paying a lot in alimony could derail your retirement plans. This is why you should be aware of any available options that could limit your alimony.

Keep in mind that divorce cases vary. A judge will take many factors into account when awarding spousal support. However, if your situation qualifies, your alimony order may include one of the following provisions.

The inclusion of an expiration date

If possible, you can try to have your divorce settlement establish an expiration date on your alimony. Divorce decrees may or may not include them. A settlement that does not have an expiration date means you must wait until a court declares an end to your alimony.

Whether or not a judge will limit your alimony will probably depend on your spouse attaining a good standard of living by the time your alimony expires. This could be a factor when you divide your marital property. Giving your ex additional assets might help a judge agree to limit your alimony obligations.

Having a rehabilitation provision

Some spouses need support because they lack the skills to qualify for a well-paying job. This is why an increasing number of judges are handing down alimony orders to help spouses get training or a college education. This is alimony for rehabilitative purposes. If you pay alimony under these circumstances, you only have to wait for your spouse to complete training before your obligation ends.

While qualifying alimony is not an option for all couples, it is not something you should overlook as you go through your divorce.