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Estate Planning

Planning Ahead For Your Legacy And Your Family

When your family is thinking of planning the succession of an estate, it is vitally important that the ownership of all of the assets is properly identified organized by legal professionals. In our 40 years of work in the Daytona area, Doran Sims Wolfe & Yoon have seen it all and acutely understand the pitfalls that face families when they are unprepared.

We’ have been a leading probate firm in Florida for decades because we understand the nuances and details of organizing an estate. We have a long pedigree that speaks for itself and our sound legal counsel can help your family as it enters into estate planning. Don’t wait until it’s too late to make arrangements – legal proceedings between family members can be unnecessarily ugly and expensive.

Estate Services Done Right

If you are beginning to plan your estate, the sooner you begin, the easier the future will be for you and your family. The first thing our team does is help you review your existing will or trust if you have one to determine whether the assets of your estate are organized efficiently and professionally and to review any potential changes you desire to make. This allows our legal team to help to plan and facilitate the transfer of your assets after your death.

Once this process is complete, the lawyers at our firm can help you plan for the ultimate distribution of your assets and can help to minimize the taxes associated with your estate. We take special care in staying up to date with local, state, and federal laws as they relate to your estate planning. Our trusted team is ready to help plan your estate so that you stay within Florida law while retaining the assets you’ve spent years accumulating.

Quality You Can Depend On

As with all legal proceedings, we know that the process can become cumbersome, expensive, and stressful. We aim to work closely with all of our clients to build trust and establish a workflow that allows our team to do their job without making your life more complicated. Our team works diligently with you through every step of estate planning and estate administration, and we can handle any of the thorny legal details that can arise. We’ve become a trusted part of the Daytona Beach community and look forward to helping you and your family plan and administer your estate.

When you hire Doran Sims Wolfe & Yoon, you are hiring experienced professionals to assist you with your estate planning and estate services. Our team of attorneys and specialists are standing by to help today – contact us online or call 386-253-1111 today for more information on the estate planning process, our rates and more.