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Family Law

Our Family Law Attorneys Can Help You Through This

Are you going through a difficult divorce? Are you trying to reach an amicable time-sharing agreement for the minor child(ren)? Trust the expertise of the attorneys at Doran Sims Wolfe & Yoon to handle your case.

Our team has served as Daytona Beach’s premier firm for all cases involving family law and we have the drive and ambition necessary to assist you. For over 40 years, we have helped clients resolve the most difficult divorce cases involving equitable distribution, alimony, child support, time-sharing schedule, and parenting plans. Unlike many law firms that will make false promises to their clients, we are always upfront and transparent with you regarding your case.

We Are A Full-Service Family Law Firm

Our Daytona Beach trial lawyers provide representation in cases involving:


Having an attentive and responsible divorce lawyer to help you and your spouse settle your divorce either in or out of court, is vital in ensuring that both parties leave happy. Let our legal team help set your terms and divide your assets to help secure your future — contact our divorce lawyers today!


Alimony is a set amount of money that one party of a divorced couple must pay to the other for a period of time following divorce. If there is an imbalance in income between a couple, the party with the significantly larger income must usually pay some sort of alimony in the event of a divorce. No matter which side of the alimony you are on, our lawyers will walk you through the process and will help settle a fair payment for you so that your assets remain intact.

Child Support

Determining parenting, time-sharing, or custody between a divorced couple can often be a difficult and delicate affair. If you find yourself in a time-sharing battle, it is important to find a legal professional that can help you reach an agreement that is fair to you. Get the law on your side, and schedule an appointment with our family law attorneys at Doran Sims Wolfe & Yoon today.

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is an agreement made by a couple before they marry concerning the ownership of their respective assets should the marriage fail. Having your prenuptial agreement drawn up in a way that protects your assets is imperative in securing a safe future for yourself in the event of a divorce. Our legal team has years of experience helping individuals with their prenuptial agreements. Schedule an appointment with us and let our lawyers assist you.

Helping You And Your Family

If you foresee going through a contentious and complex divorce and would like to make sure you maximize what is best for you and your family, we are here to assist you through the process. Here at Doran Sims Wolfe & Yoon, we’ve been working on divorce cases for many years and understand how difficult of a situation this may be.

We can help set you on the right path to ensure you and yours are where you need to be. For more information about our family law services, or to schedule a free consultation, contact our firm online or call 386-253-1111 today.