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Child Support & Time-Sharing

Child Custody And Time-Sharing For Daytona Beach

Perhaps the most important consideration when parents get divorced is what to do about the children. Caring parents know they need to balance their rights with their children’s best interests. The best way for you to make sure you reach a personalized child custody order that follows the law is to retain an experienced family law attorney that has served the community for years.

Doran Sims Wolfe & Yoon is The Premier Law Firm of Daytona Beach. Put together, our group of attorneys represents more than 140 years of experience in the law, including family law. Contact our office to discuss what we can do to resolve your child custody dispute, whether it is related to a larger divorce proceeding or not.

What Matters When Deciding On Child Custody

Florida law lays out the factors judges must consider when they issue a child custody order, including:

  • The child’s relationship with each parent
  • The distance between the parents’ homes
  • Whether the child has special medical or educational needs
  • The child’s preferred living arrangement, if they are old enough to express it

Though few child custody disputes end up in court, we use these guidelines to help develop our strategy in negotiations. Our attorneys will work to give your family a plan that fits your lives, whether that means shared child custody or sole custody for one parent and time-sharing (formerly known as visitation time) for the other. By taking the emotions out of the process, we will help you avoid a long, contentious fight that puts the kids in the middle.

Your Kids Count On You. You Can Count On Us.

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